Main Features of Successful Website

First of all I want to outline the main website-building concepts.

For Users: functionality and usability

  • effective use of the screen space, independently from choice of device (as well as from page orientation for mobile devices);
  • minimum clicks and scrolls per operation.

For Car Company: sales efficiency

  • motivation to buy a car, starting from the moment of site surfing;
  • conversion of web-site visitor into a real car-buyer.

For both: effective mutually-beneficial interrelation

  • conversion of site, now being a plain source of information into a powerful interactive instrument, helping a buyer to buy and the seller to sell.

Henry Ford wrote in his book „My Life and Work“:

„A dealer or a salesman ought to have the name of every possible automobile buyer in his territory, including all those who have never given the matter a thought. He should then personally solicit by visitation if possible—by correspondence at the least—every man on that list and then making necessary memoranda, know the automobile situation as related to every resident so solicited.“

There was in 1922! Now we have the Internet, which help us to do these things. And the official website is the main tool on this way. But only if this site is really convenient and usable for people.

What does it mean?