Functional for customers

When a user wants to buy a definite car model, he wants to know the most important information for buying: price of this model.

Let’s look at Octavia’ pages on dealership’s website.

Price is the second popular webpage after start page in Octavia’ section!

Page’s relevance in Octavia’ section on dealership’s website
(August 2015)

Start page
3 276
Page with price
1 521
Other pages
Views of Price’s Page is nearly 30%

The model price depends on its complete equipment, so a buyer wants to get answers to the following questions on the official site:

  • What’s the difference between the various complete equipment?
  • What equipment each package includes?
  • Why package’s prices are differentiated?

And let’s not forget that users want to get this information usefully, and website must be user-friendly with this information.

Where is the price and complete equipment on the site?

Whether the user can get from the current site of what he wants?

Let’s take a look...