How to Make Official Car Website Better

Internet is the basic means of communication between the automobile manufacturers and their customers. Official website nowadays is of same importance for the public image of the car-company as the cars themselves.

Can the customers, surfing the official site of their favorite brand, get:

  • information they need,
  • functional and comfortable presentation?

Unfortunately, NO.

I know how to improve car company’s web-presentation. I’ll be happy to share my experience. And I hope that my knowledge will be effective for one of car companies.

Which car company is to become to please existing and potential clients in Web?

Whose web-sites are the first to become really informative and user-friendly? SKODA is my favorite of all car brands that I’ve worked with.

So let’s begin with this mark.

Why do I know what is better?

On this site I try to explain why the changes on official car brand’ website are necessary. And what needs to be changed. Moreover, I make the way to solve this problem.

The reason of my assurance based on knowledge and experience that I have. Nearly 20 years information is the important part of my job. For more than 5 years I’m professionally involved into development of official dealerships’ websites. Few more details about me — on Linkedin.

Things, which I wrote here about, are only the tip of the iceberg. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas that can improve car brand’ website. And I’m ready to make the automobile official sites better.

Vasiliy Khakimov,