SKODA Buyers Deserve the Best of Web

Adaptive webdesign concerns the convenience of the web-site for users. Now, let’s consider the benefits of car-producer.

I may offer a powerful instrument, helping to initiate the sale right from the site — „Cars available“.

Some times ago I was one of a very few car internet marketing managers in Russia who develop and implement special sale instrument, helping a user to choose a definite car out of all available and book its buying just providing the name and contact phone number.

Wise and thoughtful implementation of this instrument effected into the sale of more than 40 cars per month just using it, based on 2013-2014 statistics.

Here’s a tablet screen-shot of „Cars Available“ unit in mobile applet I developed for SKODA dealership more than a year ago:

Tablet screen-shot of “Cars Available” unit in mobile applet I developed for SKODA dealership

The page, describing a definite car, and the page with list of cars displayed correctly both in portrait and landscape layouts. All relevant and basic details and options are fully focused.

I know how to make the official site of the car company functional and useful for all involved: the company itself, its dealerships, its customers. I know what is to be done, which step sequence to gain best possible result.

I am looking forward to getting an opportunity to do all above and much more.

I think, I also know what is the next, strategic step should be, important for both — the users and the car company, which will definitely change the standards of on-line car selling totally.

I’m ready and eager to make the best official car brand website.

Vasily Khakimov
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